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White Seat Cowl Doesn't Match?

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Has anyone purchased a white seat cowl? Mine doesn't look like it matches the rest of the bike.....

Anyone seeing that or is it just me? :confused:
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Did you get it from the ducati dealership? I'm supposed to pick mine up next week.

How much did you pay? They told me something like $229.
Mine was from the dealer. I'm in canada so it was 250$ I believe

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When everyone receives it you guys should take pictures and post them up for comparision so guys interested in getting the rear seat cowl can make up their mind.
It's kind of hard to see with the picture (and it's already getting dark) but the cowl on mine looks a bit more off white compared to the bike.


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That does look off.

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Paid for mine, waiting for it to come from Italy. I hope it matches well cause that would suck to pay that much money for a product from Ducati themselves and not have it match
kusher: You should send it back to the dealer and exchange for another one. From the pic its pretty obvious that it's off.
Yeah, I ended up shipping it back. I ordered it from Koups.com, which they said they ordered it directly from Ducati. I put it an order today at my somewhat local dealer. Should hopefully be here by next Thursday. At least that way I can take a look at it before I buy it this time.

Thanks for the responses everyone!
Hope to see the final product when it arrives!
Good news. They got one in there shipment today. Going to stop by and take a look tomorrow and see how it looks. Will post pics later if its good.
Just got mine in today, opened it and installed it on the bike. Definitely can tell its two different whites. If you actually look close to it, you can tell the paint job isn't great. Well at least on mine. Will post pictures when I can
Much better!!


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Kusher: lookin' great! Glad its sorted out
T-wizzle: send it back to your supplier in that case. Hope to see some pics of ur ride soon!
Will do! Just waiting on a couple of things and clean up the bike for some photo shoots!
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Mines a different colour white too.
Dealer has ordered me a new one, will be here after Xmas I hope
Maybe there was bad batch that went out. Hopefully your new ones look better.
Mine is a bit off when I look real close, but I haven't mentioned it to anyone and nobody has ever brought it up.

I added a little bling to it :)

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