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To ABS or not ABS

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my bike has ABS pump disconnected (by Ducati), it was like it when i bought it, all outlets are blocked off

the brakes as they are are amazing, seems to be a lot of feed back

looking towards end of year, should i be thinking of getting ABS reconnected?

there are people that say the ABS dulls the brakes due to extra metre or so of brake line plus it having to go through the pump

any one else disconnected it and never want the ABS back?
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It all depends on what you do with the bike, and how confident you are on yourself to be able to modulate the brakes in an emergency. A friend of mine, very experienced rider, just dropped his RC51 in the most stupid of ways (his words), when he got caught off-guard by a red light... he had plenty of space to come to a stop safely, yet he grabbed too much front brake, locked the wheel and went down like a noob. If he had ABS, he would have kept it on two wheels. Yes, ABS can be a bit intrusive at times, but for regular use I think the benefits far outweigh the negatives.
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