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The end of a beautiful bike

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Went on a Friday night ride and was cut off 3 times in rapid fashion trying to evade this driver who seemed to have it out for me as I was minding my own business, don’t know if they were drinking, in a bad mood or just hate motorcyclists but i was in the wrong place at the wrong time… the third time my rear swing arm got clipped and sent me towards the curb, me and the bike went airborne and did multiple flips, was knocked out on impact, I was quoted about 16k in parts and labor so I had to let her go being I could’ve got a V2 for that price, riding season is coming to an end but when it warms up again I will be looking for another 899, great bike, but was short lived…
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Sorry to hear mate. I hope that jackass gets what's coming to him soon.
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