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Termignoni Slip on 899

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Hey :)

So i bought some used Termi Slip on`s. i have a issue that I will try to solve in a cheap way. i don't have the up map key or USB pin that follows when
purchase a new slip on. i really don't want to use 500$ on a T800. is it possible to up map the bike in any other way ? or does someone have a USB pin following Termi slip on that I can have or buy ?

Best regards

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If you don’t want to buy the upmap you could always try a local tuning shop and see if they can do their own tuning solution.

There are also piggy back solutions to look at too.

last but not least, you could contact termi and see if they can sell you the upmap.
Yes I kind a know this things. But as I also know is the the T800 that everyone tells me to buy i need to buy brand new. it is an option.. dealers who map bikes are even higher in price. so what i'm looking for is a person who have the usb pin that comes with the slip on for 899 panigale, because i have heard that this item can be used on multiple bikes, is this correct ? do u know ?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts