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At the first look the result is disappointing. A totally subjective view as the rider rating in the comparision is. The thing is: Who cares about inline fours? They never interested me, so the only machine to mention is the MV.

I test rode the F3 675 and 800 before buying the 899. Both were very interessting, cool design, single swingarm, great pipes and sound, easy handling, but again they are no twins. And there are also some lows: The dashboard is hard to read and - what is the main issue - the horrible throttle response. MV has problems to pick up the pieces and is publishing more ECU updates than Bill Gates do for windows.

And a word to the narrow power band: That is the normal characteristic of the midrange Ducs (748, 749, 848). This effect here is least because of the 899 capacity advantage. In addition you can spend some money by a dyno run, a cylinder selective adjustment is the best method. After this the lack of power is eliminated.

In the january issue of the german PS magazine there is also a comparision to the GSX-R and here - like MCN - the winner is the 899. They measured 142 hp at 10700 revs, so I´m not sure, why here only 130 hp are on the clock ...
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