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I'm joining the forum in preparation of buying my first ducati next year. I bought my first bike (2001 gsxr 600) in 2002 two months before i graduated college. Had it on the track (little Talladega) within two months of the purchase! and then had my first street accident in June 2012. Went over the side of a overpass.

Fixed the biked up, and road again for two more years before my next accident on july 4th 2004. Trying to learn how to wheelie.... Totaled the bike this time cause it hit a street pole.

BUT I fixed it up again and calmed my ass down. Road for 4 more years accident free. I painted my bike a lil hiccup in the process messed up a few areas. I was so pissed, I just sold the bike. Put all the money in the market to save up for my ducati

Well, the time is coming. Next year, I plan to buy a 899.

I have a thread in the general about what kind of prices other buyers were able to get...I'm trying to do my research so I can get the best deal. I'm so ready to ride again!
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