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A few months ago I took a spill and slid my bike down the freeway. I came out a lot worse than the bike I think. It just laid down and slid. I went onconscious on the impact, but there was no sign that it ran into anything except a glancing blow on a guard rail that snapped the left handle bar on the way down.

I replaced the left side fairings, the left handlebar and the shifter peddle which got ground off on the pavement.

So I have pretty much got it back together good as new now.

When I put the new shifter peddle on there are two O-rings that go on it. I guess they hold the grease on the bolt that the peddle rotates on. I forgot one of them when I put it on and tightened it down and turned the bike on and shifted through all the gears up and down a few times without moving anywhere and it was fine. I rode it around the parking structure in first and second a couple times. Seemed OK. Then later I realized that I forgot the O-ring, so I took the peddle off to put it on. In doing so I found that the bolt that the peddle pivots on was a little bent from the accident. The threads had a slight bend at the base where it transitions to the smooth surface that it rotates on. When the O-ring went on it did not shift well anymore. I figured that was because the extra tightness or friction of the O-ring inhibited the free movement of the peddle and was probably causing it to bind or something. So I loosened it a little left it and ordered a new bolt.

The bolt has not arrived. Tonight I went out to the bike and started it up to let it run a bit and I decided to try shifting it some. It really was not shifting well at all this time and getting stuck. It would not move past 2nd or 3rd gear so easy, though it did sometimes go all the way up to 6th. Then the Indicator on the dash of what gear it is in froze on "N" even though it was still shifting through the gears some.The green light for N turned off, but the thing that tells you which gear it is in stayed stuck on "N". I turned the key off and the dash stayed frozen on, though not lit up, just dull and frozen LCD look.I turned the key back on and it sort of reset and would indicate which gear it was in again.

What do you think? Obviously when I get the new bolt in there is should work a lot better, but I am wondering what is causing this reaction. It seems like it should work better than that with the loose bolt in there even if it is bent because there is a little multi-directional ball joint that connects the peddle to the shifter rod to account for slight misalignment as the peddle rotates...

Should I be worried that something is seriously wrong?

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