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Review of my 899

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Hi folks,

I'm a new member from SoCal and acquired the beauty shown in the attached pictures last Saturday!

First a I'd like to thank 92GTA and Dynasty for their precious buying tips. Thanks a lot guys!

I hesitated between an s1000RR and an 899 for a long a time and decided to go for the 899 for the following reasons:
- I will primarily use the bike for commuting and canyon runs. The S1000RR would probably have been a better commuter but I know that I would have never been able to handle all that power on the street. The 899 just seemed to a better package, a better compromise, at least for me.
- The 899 is super sexy! Probably the best looking bike out there, with the 1199 of course.
- I was afraid that BMW would renew the S1000RR in 2015 and I would have ended up with a one year old bike that looked dated.

So far I put approximately 300 miles on the bike and I absolutely do not regret my choice. Here is what I really love about it:

- Great chassis, you can really have a lot of fun in the canyons without pushing it (absolutely no need to fight the bike to go fast).
- It looks fantastic.
- The sound.
- The punch of the engine at high revs.
- The throttle response at low revs which make it very easy to drive in traffic.

However, I believe there are few things that could be improved:

- At low speeds (in traffic or when driving around town), you can really feel that the exhaust is just below the seat...
- My previous bike was a 2011 R1, so compared to the R1 the 899 lacks torque at low revs (I know it's obvious but the torque of the R1 was quite sensational)
- The ergonomics of the turn signal switch are not great.
- When wearing boots, I find it impossible to operate the stand. How do you guys do it?

Overall, it's a fantastic bike! I have absolutely no regrets of choosing the 899 over the S1000RR. Probably the best sport bike out there for those who spend most of their time on the streets.


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That is awesome! Congrats!

Now fix that tail and get rid of the reflectors! :D
That is awesome! Congrats!

Now fix that tail and get rid of the reflectors! :D
Yep, that's the first mod on the list and then a passenger seat cover.;)
AWESOME!!! So glad you pulled the trigger and are another happy owner!

The kickstand, honestly I'm just used to looking down and by know I just know where to put my heel to catch it every time, no biggie.

The heat below the seat is really from the rear cylinder head under your balls and the heat coming off the sides, hence why 2014 has the new heat shields. Granted they don't do much though. Just keep moving :D

I had trouble with the kickstand at first too, just takes practice. For me the problem is now a lot of space between the kickstand (when up) and the peg. Now I push my left peg up with my heel, slide my heel towards the bike, and then kick down the stand.
I had an issue too, but now I got it down. Just lift the footpeg, position your heel correctly and you'll find it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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