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Removing key switch

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Hi members
I am stripping as much off the bike as possible to go racing and want to remove the key switch in front of the tank - does anyone know if the studs are easily removed or will they shear off requiring drilling out.
Also has anyone used a simple switch to turn on the ignition, if so what are the best type of switch to get.
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I dont have a Pani, but I do have a Monster S4. The S4 has the immobilizer and I am assuming the Pani has some sort of the same thing. Have you found a way to bypass the immobilizer?

For reasons unknown I was down to one key left for my S4 and the mechanic in Germany took my last key apart and basically superglued the chip to the reciever ring that sits around the ignition. Now basically I can make a key and it doesnt need a chip.

Thats a idea if you are not getting a ECU or bypassing the immobilizer somehow. I believe that way you would be able to use a switch like you want too.
The 899 has a pin code system incase you do not have a chipped key. So i guess if you removed the key and replaced it with a switch you will have to input a pin code to start the bike.

Jarelj might be able to help you here as he is building an insane track 899 so hit him up.
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