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R1 vs 899

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I currently have a 12 r1 and am looking for what others experience is with the swap is who have riden both. I love my bike but am looking for comparisons. Can't beat the 899s looks
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id say a pretty fair trade from a r1 to a 899

it might be a tad bit slower but i dont think its going to be that noticeable.

and the looks.. well thats a given
Well I can't speak for a '12 R1, but I traded in my 06 for it. I don't miss my R1. The Panigale makes me smile whenever I get to ride her. I had my R1 since new and put 23,000 miles on her.
I came from a 2010 R1 which i purchased new and put 30,000kms on her. I still have her.

Like others said the only thing you will miss from the R1 is the mid range power. When in traffic the overtaking on the R1 and its power delivery is great. But it's still a big fat heavy dog to ride.

The 899 is so agile and smooth. Getting it off the line is alot easier and more fun than the R1, also it has a smooth gearbox unlike the clunky yamaha gear boxes. The 899 will put a HUGE smile on your face everytime you get on it. Trust me you will not miss the R1's power after a few days on the 899.

I sometimes jump back on the R1 to keep the wheels turned and battery charge for a quick spin around the block and honestly i don't miss the power anymore.

So to answer your question. You will not miss the R1 at all.
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I came off a 12 R1. The only thing that I find to be different is the mid range punch, but even then, it is not bad. The weight of the 899 vs the r1 is reason enough. Not to mention the sexy looks.
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Thanks for the comparison Oni. Was wondering the same thing...
1st gear wheelies, no clutch is the only thing I miss. I had a 2003 R1 10 years ago and I could pull up the front end without issue without a clutch. Love my 899 now and wouldnt trade it but every bike has a compromise of sorts.

As a whole the 899 is a more enjoyable bike to ride, looks, electronics, sound, lightweight, low slung exhaust…..just a few reasons to favor the 899.
As everyone has already said...
I had an 09 r1 which is now my track bike but the 899 on the street is so much more fun. It's a midget compared to the whale r1 and whilst it is underpowered, it's more user friendly and fun
Mate my wheel comes up in both first and second on the 899. I have termignonis and the up map.
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with no DTC, my wheel comes up in first and 2nd with stock exhaust. Took it to a drag strip and the super tacky surface makes the front come up through 3rd if you're pinning the throttle and taking the revs all the way up
Rode a '16 R1 last Nite. very nice!

that QS is so smooth.
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