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problems in the wet

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Took my 899 out this morning to put a few miles on the clock. Weather fine when I left home, not long after it pissed down n fought me out. As riding home, got a problem showing on the panel. I'd been in sport mode for a short tme and due to the rain and spray on the motorway shut the throttle off an switched to "Wet" mode. seemed fine for a while, then the N green light flashed on and the gear indicator went to a flashing -- and the engine warning light came on..... was close to home, so it;s now in the garage as dealer was then closed..... anyone any suggestions what the problem could be and how or if I can reset the bike as want to get out on a ride tomorrow....
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Hm..seems like an isolated case as I've not heard of such issues yet. Have u gone back to your bike to see if the problem still persisting? You could probably try to disconnect and reconnect the battery. Other than that, your best bet is to go to the dealership when it opens. Good luck buddy.
I came across that in the owners manual and it'll tell you what the flashing lights and green "N" indicator means. Sorry I didn't actually look it up to inform you
Had a look on the internet and saw a similar problem with an 1199, on that thread it suggested turning ignition on/off quickly 5 or six times as that would soft reset the ECU and it worked for that guy so tried that this morning, still the same. Also the starter wouldn't kick over unless the side stand was up.....

Had the bike out in the sun while I fitted some R&G fork protectors and cotton reels. Put the key in a short time later and everything started as up as it should, no warning lights and the gear indicator showing N again. It also fired up no problems with the stand down.

Not sure what the problem was, but will be contacting the dealer tomorrow to get it checked out. May also ale her for a spin this afternoon too, just to check she's running OK now.
I'm going to throw out a guess here, but water and electronics rarely play nice together. You might want to have them check the seals on the console and perhaps the connections themselves.
just remember the side stand switch is quite exposed if a little bit of water got in there it wont go down to well had it with a monster a couple of years ago. well im glad its workin ok now though :)
Took her out this afternoon in the dry, no problems what so ever, no warning lights came on. Going to speak with dealer tomorrow and see if they've heard of this problem before and try and arrange for them to check it out on the diagnostics.
sounds interesting.. hope you find out what caused it.
Dealers closed now until 6th Jan, so will check with them then.
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