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Hello all, new owner here. I had bought my 14' Panigale back in March of this year with10.593 miles on it. I've had nothing but issues. Started with the clutch slave where the line fills up with air. lots of trial and error with that one. My biggest issue now is that I've had the bike for 6 months now I'm have had to crack open my case twice. The is now is that my oil pump has stopped working. I have attached photos. It has chewed up one set of gears. Split case open a second time. New gears have been worn down.

The oil level hasn't gone down at all. When burping, the oil level drops. Shut the bike right back down...Oil level rises back up. Not sure why it would cut out. One sign of good news though. Once I had drained the oil. There were 0 metal shavings. No short of plastic chunk and bits though. Any and all help from you guys would be greatly appreciated. I've only put 6k on it. Most of the time it's been garaged due to the issues.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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