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Hi everyone, I'm Choppo (Phil) just this minute joined the site, as yesterday I signed for a 899 in red, my first Ducati and I can't wait to get the keys which will prob be early April hopefully. Just wanted to say hi and hope to see you all on the road very soon :)
Welcome here Choppo and congrats on your decision . You did good sign in on here AFTER you bought your Duc . Unlike you I signed in on here to see what people that own one of this beautiful bike have to say . And I started reading everything people post on here . And they'll tell you about all the problems they have like oil and antifreeze leaks, hot start issues and so fort. But even Than it's hard to get this bike out of my head and the main vibe beside the issues is that the 899 is a great bike and the 2 years warranty Ducati comes with is plenty of time to get them all fixed. So good luck man and don't worry You made the right decision and as soon as I sell my second bike I'm buying one too
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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