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New Owner..

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Hi all,

I picked up my new 899 Panigale today (with Termi's). I traded in my 2011 Monster 796 and i'm absolutely blown away with how good the new bike is.
Words can't quiet capture it!
Really looking forward to sharing some knowledge and reading up on everything 899 whilst getting to know a few fellow riders.

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Congrats on the new purchase, and welcome to the forum!
Congrats & enjoy your new toy. Any photos?
Awesome, congrats and welcome to the forum!
Cheers Guys,
The weather's supposed to be good here this weekend so i'll take some photo's soon..
Welcome! Where do you ride?
I ride in the UK. West london area..
Its been the wettest winter on record here so riding has been pretty non existant!
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Hi all,

I picked up my new 899 Panigale today (with Termi's)

Out if interest when did you put your order in? I'm from south East London & have got to wait until next month for mine. Earliest they could do
welcome aboard!!..

look forward to seeing your new baby…

Mine is due is for its run in service and they will pop the termis on then (came after the bike), and obvioulsly had to just take it to play on it!..

But the gritters were back out today… along with some fluffy snow.
Off to ingleston Bike show tomorrow, wonder if there will be any buys to be had for the new toy!.
I was lucky enough that Ducati Reading (my local dealer) had a white 899 in stock with Termi's fitted.. It was an ex demo but only had 100 miles on it..
I'm terrible at waiting so had it within 5 days of exquiring..
Sorry to hear your waiting until April. Another local dealer also told me there was a waiting list and it would be an April/May delivery if i was to order now.
They unfortunatly gave me the accesories catalogue (funny that) so now looking at the next upgrades.. It never ends!
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Welcome to the forum, top choice of bikes, hope you took advantage and got some miles on yesterday:D
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