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I thought it would be good form to do an intro thread.

My name is Rowan and live in S.E Qld, and I've had my red 899 for about 2 weeks. I've been riding for about 1.5 years and come from a Honda CBR500R. This is my first unrestricted bike, Super Sport and also my first Ducati. I've kind of jumped in the deep end a bit but if I take it easy I should be able to ride as confidently as I did on the Honda. I did a lot of interstate touring on that thing and it was completely bulletproof. I'll miss it.

I love my new bike. It's easily the fastest thing I have ever ridden and I'm still trying to get used to living with 3 times the power, the noise and all the fun trappings of being a Ducati owner. I didn't realise that everyone speaks to you about this thing. It's a community and suddenly I'm an ambassador for all things awesome. I'm pretty excited about owning it.

I have some minor mods coming in the mail, some radiator grills, a GPS stem mount, etc. Looking forward to doing some serious mileage on this machine with a long Phillip Island Tour coming up in Oct, and I also organise group rides for the S.E Qld Street Riders and this bike should be great fun for The Cannonball Run event around Brisbane next month. Should be fun.

At Esk.
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