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New Duc 899 Owner Central Texas

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Hello all, I just picked up my White 899 on 27DEC13 and had several carbon pieces put on, like the key trim cover, the shock protector, and went ahead sprang on the CM smoked light kit. So happy so far it is my first Ducati coming over from Harley...

I recently served 14 years in the Army and purchased this as my medical retirement gift to myself. I have 4 wedge and deteriorating vertebrae and torn hip cartilage. However is the reason the Harley got sold and the Ducati got purchased. I happen to own my own Motorcycle Towing company and also do high end luxury and exotic vehicle transport. You can follow me here at www.facebook.com/MotorcycleResQueTeam

However my good friend of mine up in Dallas has the 1199 Tricolore and he has been dominating all the motorcycle towing up in Dallas. Marc from Motorcycle Tow Company is who got me into Duc dealer and hooked me up with probably the first 899 Sold in Dallas. I got my bike at European Cycles out of Plano, TX and Elvis Jr. has one more white one in stock. But overall extremely happy with my new 899....can't wait to hit up MotoGP and take a lap in Austin at the Circuit of the Americas come Spring.
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Please move to new members....I've been drinking.
Welcome. I've seen your towing service truck before on Fort Hood (I left there about 7 months ago). You still in that area?
Absolutely...the wife wants to stay now that she is settled and I don't want to leave my home. Where they send you off to now?
They sent me to be a Drill Sergeant at Fort Benning. Got about a year and a half left of this, then I might try to get back to Hood.
Welcome Tio! The 899 is bike to love! Finally broke her in over 600 mikes today and took her to the canyons to have some fun! Power band is perfect and I can tell she'll be great on the tracks!
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Seems like it will be forever to hit 600 for me so far...These darn Holidays are dragging....so many Parties to attend and not enough time in the day!
Small world Tio! I just picked up my 899 from Elvis at European Cycles this past Saturday! Gonna put some good miles on it today, since the weather seems like it's going to be cooperative!
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@Jasper Hey that's awesome congrats man! Well just to let you know I sat 90 your baby for a few mins modeling a with a jacket I was trying to pick out! Lol...hey well I guess we'll have to meet up soon...since technically we're twins! You going to MotoGP in April?
@Tio - Not too sure I'm ready for that yet. This is only my 3rd bike and my 2nd sport bike (first was a 08 kawasaki vulcan 900 custom cruiser, traded that 2 months ago for my 08 kawasaki zzr600). The 899 is by far my favorite so far, even with only 17 miles on it!

With time, I might get on the track, but for now I'm content getting in some good rides on the tollway and turnpike here. Hopefully one day soon I'll have the confidence to do some track days. I'm not getting any younger!

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Welcome! Lovely bike, love the white ;)...got the same!
I'm seeing some red ones pop up, but they don't pop like the Artic does!
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