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Just bought a new 899 yesterday with the purpose of building a brand new track bike. The build will commence after I have it broken in on the dyno.

It's going to be a phased build so can I take my time as I learn more about my skill level, wrenching and proper track equipment. The master plan is laid out with my current knowledge; I am rather certain that this plan will change as I progress.

I am open to advice as I advance through this project.

Thanks in advance,


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Welcome to the addiction!

Look at mine and Jarel's builds as they are both totally competent builds on the opposite ends of the spectrum. My bike remains mostly stock to comply with Supersport race rules while his is an outstanding example of a "full build".

Based on my riding the bike so far it's a very competent machine. There are some things that I've done that I would strongly recommend.

1) Some kind of exhaust system. The stock silencers with the cats are VERY heavy and produce considerably more heat than aftermarket ones.

2) The brakes. I ended up disabling the ABS on mine by bypassing the ABS pump. This greatly improved the feel of the front brakes and it's something that I would recommend for track use.

3) Rearsets - you've read all the complaints, and they're true. The stock foot pegs are really slippery. Get some kind of rear set installed as an early part of your build. I used the woodcraft CFM ones and they worked out great.

4) Bodywork - I got the Armour Bodies stuff - it was reasonably priced and fit up very well. I think Jarel had a similar experience with the stuff he got from Catalyst.

I think that's it for the basics - mostly just get out and ride!

Enjoy the new bike.

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