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My White 899

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Change the fork to ohlins and the rims to OZ Racing with Pirelli SC2


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Nice!. May i ask why the change to Ohlins? What was wrong with the Showa forks?

Also as you have changed the tyres to the SC2's (got them on my R1 and love them) id really like to know how the DTC system as been effected as i was looking to change my tyres to the SC2s once im finished with the Corsas.
There's nothing wrong with the Showa.

So far there's no issue with the DTC. All works well..
i also installed a termi full system exhaust...


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where did you get the full termi kit, and how much did you pick it up for?
Any noticeable power delivery changes since you had the termis fitted?


i am using the 1199 full system with custom mapping.. Overall better than stock..
ahhh.. the garage here said they didnt do a full system for the 899 yet… just wait till i go back in there to annoy them..

I have the termi end cans too…
the only issue is to fit the provided heat shield, need to trim a bit on the right side because 1199 is single sided swing arm.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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