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A guy on the 1199 forums named Anti-Hero made something similar. Credit goes to him, I'm simply detailing the DIY part. Hope this helps a few people out there. I couldn't justify paying $50 for a fender eliminator license bracket and another $240 for integrated rear tails. Or $150 for the rear license plate bracket with turn singals in the vents.

My DIY kit cost me $19 dollars and 1 hour of my time.

Here is what you'll need.

- Amber LEDs for the rear turn singals x2 $4.95 each = $9.90:
Amber Orange 5 LED Motorcycle Car Boat Home Pod Accent Light Bright 12V | eBay

- White LED for the license plate light x1 $4.45:
White 3 LED Neon Motorcycle Car Boat Home Pod Lights Ultra Bright Street N Glow | eBay

- Aluminum Angle Stock (Got mine at home depot) x1 $3.99:
Aluminum Angle Bar

Some tools you'll need:

- Sand Paper
- Dremel or something similar
- Protective Paint (I had some laying around).
- Soldering Iron or something to connect two wires
- Snipers/strippers for wire
- Nuts, Washers and Bolts
- Zip Ties

Step #1 - Remove your tail. Use the following video as reference for removing your tail: Clicky ---> DIY: "How To" Carbon License Plate Holder and LED Euro turn signal install. (Ducati 1199 Panigale). - YouTube

Step #2 - Run your LED wires in your rear tail so they come out by the ECU area. Do the same for your license plate LED. LOOK ATHE PICTURE BELOW WITH THE RED ARROW so you can see where it goes. Snip the three connectors off your ugly stock tail, and connect them (solder whatever) to your LEDs. Do this after you run your wires since it will be easier than snaking them with a connector.

Step #3 - Test your lights, and use double sided tape to secure the LEDs where you want them.

Step #4 - Remove your passenger pegs. You'll need to measure the spacing of the holes for your bracket. I chose to leave my pegs off however, the reason I have two mini curved brackets is so I have enough room in case I want to put my passenger pegs back on. It will work either way, so make sure you have enough spacing. Use your license plate as reference for cutting and drilling. Four bolts hold up the foot pegs, you can use the smaller two for your bracket. Doesn't have to be perfect. You can sand it down later.

Step #5 - Paint and let it dry.

Here is a video of my finished product as well as a few pictures. Any questions, feel free to PM me. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures!

Clicky ----> DIY Ducati 899 / 1199 Integrated Rear Blinker Tail - YouTube


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Nice work. Did you install some heat shielding on the back of the license plate? Otherwise thats going to melt/distort quick fast.

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This is great! Wish I would have noticed this before I placed my order for the New Rage Cycles kit. In terms of a DIY project, this looks to be pretty simple. If somebody did not want to go through the hassle of creating the license plate bracket, New Rage does have an option to just buy it for $39...use coupon code "1199forum" for an additional 15% off.
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