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Michigan price

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Dealer quoted my 17500 otd with 6% tax for white and I talked him into a jacket. Helmet and first service thrown in. Been lurking the forums for awhile and it seems that this is a steal compared to what others have been paying.
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Estimating the jacket will be 200-300. Helmet 150-250. First service is around $300-350. You're at around 16,800 out the door with 6% sales. I would say thats about average. I paid a little less than that with 7% sales tax OTD.
Why is anyone paying more than MSRP at $15k (US)? I know dealer has at least $1.2k to work with from talking to others in the area. Only additional costs are tax and registration (delivery/assembly are bs fees they can waive). At 17.5, you're only 1.5k away from an 1199 base.
Seems like most are paying msrp. Demand exceeds supply
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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