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We need 899 riders!

We have a lot of space left in our June 2nd track day coming up, weather looks good & it will be our last track day of the season.

If you haven't ridden on a Euro Cycles track day, come find out what make's ours different!

Here are some words from one of our regulars...

"Hey Everyone, if you haven’t tried a track day with Euro Cycles yet, you need to come join the fun.

We prefer doing our track days with Euro Cycles rather than some of the other groups for a number of reasons. First off, its a small group. usually not more than 25 riders. That means no sessions, no waiting, and no crowded track!

Also, David at Euro Cycles takes care in his track day management to ensure everyone knows we’re there to have fun, not race or stuff each other in a corner. Like he says, we all have to go to work the next day! Best of all, once you ride track with Euro Cycles, you become part of the group. Everyone is there to help each other have a fun and safe day.

There is a lot of experience in the pits and that’s a big help as well, especially for newer riders. Oh, and don’t forget the awesome lunchtime bbq they always serve!" -Doug Westly

Call David at 813-926-9937 or email [email protected] for more info and to RSVP
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