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Is the 899 the new ST?

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Just did 1,200 km over the last three days, with the biggest day being 466 km. pleased to confirm no sore neck, shoulders or wrists. Bum felt a little of the pounding at the end of the 466 km but that is to be expected on some of the roads we took. I fitted the blaze panniers and they worked a treat. I'll be doing many more "touring" trips on the 899 and thoroughly recommend it is a very capable Sports Tourer - and dead sexier than my old ST4. So when am I going to ride my Multistrada?
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I thought the exact same thing. It's very comfortable aside from my ass being a little sore after more than 400 miles in a day.
This is exactly what I wanted to hear. I don't like city riding (too many **** drivers) and when I get out I tend to go 400+ kms per day. Getting my 899 next week and the weather is finally starting to warm up here. It is coming with the comfort seat so maybe that will help a little.
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