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Integrated Taillight needs resistors?

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Hello people,

does a Taillight with integrated turnsignals need additional resistors on the 899?

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No sir.
Has anyone bought the integrated tail light set up from Shift tec ? I've heard a few reports of issues with the indicators continually flashing after the ignition is switched off. Doesn't make much sense that they would but they are a reasonable amount of money to be paying if they are not very reliable.
I've steered well away from this type of product......a lot never work properly or the 'blinking' is all weird. I think they are not safe too.
The 1199 led indicators are plug and play,my favorite mod so far.
I got em on my bike- plug and play!
i got shift-tech on mine for about a month now and i ride pretty much everyday and no issues..
got the comp werks. had em on for two weeks no issues as of yet.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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