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bike finally arrived! Too bad it's too cold to ride. As soon as I get a dry day over 32 i'm taken it out. Counting down the days til spring :rolleyes:...
Congrats! @ryerai

Don't even start talking about the winter season... I am sick to my stomach right now not able to ride because of weather conditions. I hate having to go through this every year :mad:

I don't how your holding up but if I was you. I would look for an empty warehouse to go ride in lol. :D

Welcome to the forum.

What color did you end up getting?

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Welcome aboard ryerai!

I heard detroit is actually amazing to ride in, if you get a chance go check out the Heidelberg project, its a massive open air art project. Really quite the sight.

Not to mention deserted roads excellent for dragging and plenty of space to corner with purpose ;)
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