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I just picked up a 2014 899 and noticed that the rear sprocket carrier is not sitting flush to the wheel, there's maybe 1/8" gap and I can see the pins that go into the cush drives. The service manual doesn't say much about how to refit this part, just to put it back on the wheel. On my other bikes the service manuals call out that it has to sit flush to the face of the wheel, or otherwise. Note that my bike has a 520 D.I.D. chain and Superlite sprockets, in case that matters.

Could a couple people please post a pic taken from the rear of the bike of how their rear sprocket carrier is sitting in relation to the wheel? Or post if you know better off the top of your head?

My chain adjusters are set to equal spacing and the chain is aligned straight. I want to see how other bikes look before I go taking this all apart and trying to figure it out in case it's just supposed to be that way or there's a simple fix I can do once I do take it apart.

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