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Hello from the Great White North

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Not a long riding season in BC, Canada, but many great, mountainous, winding roads. Great 7 day rides from Vancouver to Alberta in Canada and all through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming in the US. My first bike was a 1969 one cylinder Triumph 250. Beautiful little machine but ran white hot and was scary. Then BMW's: 1974 R60/6, 1977 R100/7, 2002 R1150 RT and finally a 2008 R1200 GS Adventure, which I still have and will keep. Rode it to Argentina last year and I can't part with it.
I have just ordered a red 899 Panigale and am stoked. Nothing like anything I have owned before and can't wait for it to arrive. Looking forward to hearing reports on the bike from this community. Keep the greasy side down my friends.
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So you're from Canada? Man I went to visit some family in Oregon, and we drive thru Washington and took a fairy to Victoria and when I got there I was pulled aside by customs! Let's just say they didn't let me thru into canada! Haha! Welcome to the forum!
Thanks guys. I have been riding for many years but am new to Ducati. Happy for this forum so I can get educated!
While I'm waiting for my 899, I keep looking at the one last remaing 2013 1199 S Tricolore in the shop. My dealer would love to sell it to me. I love the look of the Tricolore, and it's comes with Termis, etc. But I don't track ride and don't need the 195 hp. Most riders probably don't. Gotta ask: Assuming price is not a factor (about a $10K difference and that is a BIG assumption!), what bike would you rather have? Most of my riding is on secondary highways and back roads.
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