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I got mine at Motor Cafe in Sunnyvale. The sales manager said that they've sold about 10 899's so far. The first five deposits had all been for Arctic white, but they have sold some red ones as well.

They had the 1 Arctic white one when I first went in 3 weeks ago. It sold the day before I went in to buy it this past weekend. Luckily another one came in the same day that they prepped & I ended up getting.

They said it would be a month or so before they saw another white one. This past weekend when I picked mine up they still had one red one & one red demo.

I have no idea how many are sent to the US or how long it takes. I would personally take any info with a grain of salt. I could be wrong but if I was in sales & someone expressed a solid interest in picking up a certain bike/color I would do everything I could to make that happen. They are in the business of selling motorcycles afterall.
I bought mine there as well! Great folks over at Motor Cafe.
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