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I have a 2014 year model with 5,100 miles on it. The bike has a grinding sound on the right top side of the engine. The bike runs fine, no warning lights, no smoke, no burning smell. The local Ducati dealer / mechanic is aware of the issue, but can not give a possible answer of what is causing the sound without tearing the engine a part. I'm not interested in spending that amount of money at this point for a scavenger hunt.

A sample of the oil was sent to Black Stone labs for analysis and the report stated metal in the engine was consistent with normal engine brake in. I'm not the original owner, so I'm not sure how many oil changes the bike has had, so it's unknown to time stamp with an oil change the metal shaving on the drain plug.

Has anyone else had this issue and give some insight ?

I read a couple post on the same topic from a couple years ago; however there was never any mention of what the issue was after taking the bike to the dealer or the final outcome.

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