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The US version of the 899 has a 17L/4.5 gal. tank, and the fuel light comes on when there are 5L (1.3 gal.) left. I tend to fill up soon after the light comes on to avoid getting stuck on the road, but usually it only takes about 2.5 gal. (9.46L). I fill to the bottom of the filler neck, so I don't think underfilling is my issue, but the math doesn't seem to work out.

1.3 + 2.5 = 3.8 gal (< 4.5)
5 + 9.46 = 14.46L (< 17)

My fuel light seems to be turning on sooner than it should by 0.7gal./2.5L., decreasing my estimate of range by 20-30 miles.

How much does it take for you guys to fill the tank? I'm wondering if there is an issue with the fuel sensor.
My fuel ligh has stared to come on and off at random; doesn't matter how full the tank is.
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