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The sun finally came out yesterday, dry roads and decent temperatures for the time of year meant only one things, sod the garden, that can wait, time for a decent ride with a few mates.

With a couple of stops, 108 miles on and nearing the magic 600.

Got down to Whitchurch down the A49 and a few other detour country roads. This was the first real opportunity to put the bike through it's paces and it didn't disgrace. Even keeping it within reason (still running in) stayed right on the rear wheel of a mates RSV Factory and way ahead of another lads 848 Dark through some fast twisty sections. The bike felt planted and confidence inspiring, kept it in sport mode, using the QS made it fly around those lanes, perfect balance of power and agility. I've ridden these roads on a few different litre bikes, and the 899 felt the best of the bunch. The sound from the Termi's was just awesome..

Now booked in for the 1st service a week today, lets hope the weather stays good.

Anyone else get any good rides in over the weekend?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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