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Guys, I need help. Any input to troubleshooting the problem will be highly appreciated.

First, something about the bike. 18,850 KM on odometer. It is in stock condition. Meticulously maintained with on-time preventive maintenance, all from Ducati agency. Engine oil, engine oil filter, spark plugs & Sprint Filter air filter changed at 18,803 KM.

This failure to start issue started around 1 month back. I had a normal 30 KM ride, came home, parked the bike in basement parking as usual; tried to start the bike after 3 days and it would not start. Here is the video taken at that time. (forum would not let me post a URL)


Took the bike to Ducati agency.

1st visit: They found out, that the fuel cap was placed in a wrong direction (God knows how) & it was creating a vacuum. As per them, the bike started normal afterwards. They delivered the bike back. Parked the bike in basement parking; tried to start the bike after a couple of days, and it would not start. Exact same issue.

2nd visit to Ducati: They evaluated and found out the lithium battery was the problem (it swelled up or something). They replaced it with a new lead battery and it started up normally. They delivered the bike back. I had a 10 KM ride after 3-4 days of delivery without an issue. Parked the bike in basement - tried to start it up again yesterday (09-07-2019) and it refused to start. Exact same issue.

The bike is due to be picked up by the Ducati agency for the 3rd time. It is obvious that, they failed to pick the issue which is causing the recurrent starting problem. Apart from the jinxed basement parking spot here, what do you experienced riders think, could be an issue here?
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