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Hi All!

Last week the bike has cut out on me while riding, the bike has only done 8k miles. I tried to re start it but there was nothing in the ignition when turning the key, no fuel pump activating noises, no dash, completely nothing when turning the key.

When i got it back to my garage i took it apart and noticed that one of the relays has blown and burnt. I have ordered a new relay, changed it over and corrected the wire, tried turning on the ignition and still nothing 🙁

I have checked the wire and relay and both have electricity going through them and seem to be working, i checked the battery and its good, i checked all the fuses are working, even the starter relay fuse is OK in the started relay below the battery, i checked the wires on the ignition cube, they all have electricity going through them and look clean, i checked what i could and all wires seem to be in good condition.

I'm running out of ideas and wondering if anyone has had the same problem and can shine some light ?

What else could i check ?

Thanks !
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