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Ducati 899 Panigale Tank Protector

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Came across this on the interwebs today. These Kevlar/Carbon pieces go on top of the the arches on the tank. Not sure if you guys would be interested but wortha try.

The question is would you buy them?

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Not sure how the drop went but here is the damage

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I am considering these actually...but by R&G..how much are they going for ?
Whenever I have dropped a bike, I have never damaged the tank.
Normally other parts hit first but as you said, not sure how the bike was dropped.

I wouldn't put them on my bike regardless as they just look a bit odd and I normally get my body between the bike and the road which saves on damage.........to the bike anyway :)

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I would buy the carbon fiber version if it's real carbon fiber, if not, i'll go for red.
fake carbon fiber would be a shame to put on this bike.
I bought the CF and will be using them. A new tank is 3K+
I bought the CF and will be using them. A new tank is 3K+

where would one acquire these?
How can I get some. Where are they for sale?
I don't believe in tank protectors, I went down about 20mph low side and my tank ripped open like a soda can, I don't think protectors would have helped.

Opened up like the titanic and crushed the tank.

They might be good if you drop it in your garage with it falling over, but in a crash/slide?
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might not have prevented a dent but looks like they might have prevented a hole in the tank.
Sorry to hear that, but one question - did you have crash bobbins on the fork and the swing arm? Any damage to the fork and swing arm from the crash?

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I had a low side and the CF sliders were scratched up but the tank was fine.
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