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Ducati 899 Panigale Monocoque technology
Using the Superquadro engine as a stressed member of the chassis, the short and strong aluminium monocoque is die-cast in aluminium and attaches to the cylinder heads protruding forward to house the steering head bearings and forming the airbox. Continuing the concept of component minimisation, the airbox is capped-off and sealed by the underside of the 17 litre (4.5 US gallon) steel fuel tank.

While the cylinders remain true to Ducati’s signature 90° L-twin configuration, the Superquadro engine has effectively rotated the top-end backwards around the crankshaft to enable engineers to position the engine perfectly for optimum front/rear weight bias. With a front-end geometry of 24° of rake and 96mm (3.78in) of trail, a brand new, fully die-cast aluminium, double-sided swingarm provides the wheelbase of 1,426mm (56.14in) and sets the weight distribution of the 899 Panigale at 52% front and 48% rear with an average-size rider onboard.

With the exhaust system located below the engine, the steel tubular rear sub-frame maintains a clean line and attaches directly to the Superquadro engine, while the lightweight, aluminium front sub-frame attaches directly to the monocoque frame, providing secure support for the headlamp, instrumentation and fairing. This centralisation of mass substantially contributes to overall vehicle agility.
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