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Ducati 899 Panigale Instrumentation

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Ducati 899 Panigale Instrumentation

The three riding modes of Race, Sport and Wet are positioned left of the vehicle speed value and are easily scrollable using the indicator cancel button on the left-hand switchgear. When each Riding Mode is selected its corresponding EBC, DTC and ABS levels are displayed to the right of the vehicle speed value with additional tags displayed above them to confirm Stopwatch, DDA or DQS functions when activated.

Further left of the three Riding Modes, the screen also displays a numeric gear indicator, a tag to confirm actuation of automatic lap-time GPS (if DDA accessory is fitted) and a service icon which appears to remind of scheduled maintenance.

Engine coolant temperature is displayed at the lower centre section of the screen with rectangular windows of additional data positioned either side, scroll-controlled using two buttons positioned above and below the indicator cancel button on the left-hand switchgear. The upper button scrolls the left window to present total mileage, trip A, trip B, trip reserve fuel, trip time, time and lap time, while the lower button scrolls the right window for air temperature, fuel consumption, average fuel consumption and average speed.

Illuminated icons on the top left of the instrumentation, from left to right, show warnings for left turn signal, engine electronics, ABS-off and neutral, while from top right of the instrumentation, from right to left, are turn signal right, fuel reserve, main beam and oil pressure. In the middle of these two banks of warning lights, and designed to advise via the rider’s peripheral vision, are a strip of red lights incrementally counting-up to engine over-rev, until finally illuminating also the main red over-rev warning light in the top centre of the display. Below the main top, centre over-rev bar is a second bar that illuminates orange to denote DTC interaction.

When the 899 Panigale is stationary, the instrumentation is accessible as a user-friendly control panel to personalise and save ABS, EBC, DTC, DQS, and RbW settings within each Riding Mode. Additionally, the stopwatch function, actuated manually by using the flasher button on the switchgear (or automatically with the GPS equipped DDA+ available as an accessory) can list the last 30 recorded lap times, each time also recording the lap number, maximum speed and maximum rpm achieved during that lap.
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anyone got images of the instrument cluster?

the 1199 has a fancy digital one.
Took these as a screen shot from a video I posted in the video section of the forums.

Not as nice as the full color TFT on the 1199 but still a pretty decent setup. I wonder if fitting the 1199 cluster on the 899 will be possible (or decently affordable.)
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wow. still a pretty nice cluster. where is the video? id love to see it in action.
About the 1199 cluster, it's amazing! Can we ever expect it to trickle down to the 899? If so, how soon?

probably wont. they have to reserve certain things for the 1199.

but the 899 dashboard is nice too. I can accept it :D
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