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Will you believe me when I tell you I went out yesterday from London up to Cambridge in the most horrific storm England has seen in a long time! I just tucked in to my bike and had to keep steering the bike back to it's lane, at one time the front had lifted slightly as a wind gush hit the bike - scary! but it was ok, I must say the chassis had done an incredible job of keeping the bike in line I was amazed!

Once I had gotten home I parked my bike on my drive way, my wife came running to me yelling, quick quick! the bike just leaned over a bit as it got hit by wind - I thought, nah! can't be! She must be exaggerating! I nonetheless took her advise and put 2 of our dustbins on each side of the bike to secure it, luckily I did, because when I went in to work this morning I saw a couple of bikes on the floor on the outside parking area! I felt sorry for the guys but what can you do! Anyway.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year - roll on Ducati 2014! :)

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just picked my new white 899 up from Frasers in Sydney.
Here are my initial impressions after my first ride which was around 45 minutes.


The fuelling and throttle response is fantastic, it appears a bit "fluffy" below 3000rpm, but i suspect you really shouldnt be letting the revs drop that low anyway. Pulling away from the lights is effortless, the gearing of the bike is great, i was keeping the bike under 7000rpm, but it has quite a strong surge between 5000rpm and 7000rpm, so i cant wait to sample the top end. The clutch doesnt require too much effort, and the quickshifter works a treat.

Suspension appears to be great for Sydney road conditions, the bike feels very sharp and agile, and steers very sweetly, obviously with new tyres i was taking it quite easy. Once th tyres are worn in i can drop it into the corners a little more.

The noise of the engine and exhaust is great, it simply has a road presence unlike any other bike i have ridden (apart from the 1199 Panigale that i test rode)


it may attract unwanted attention from the local constabulary

i will post another review once i have ridden the bike a little harder and longer over the weekend


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Got out and did a very wet and muddy 20 miles on my mountain bike today, unfortunately weather too bad to get the 899 out, and it's looking like we're in for a mega storm this weekend so tuck at 300 miles for another week!
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