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Covered Engine

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Does anyone have any ideas why Ducati chose to cover the engine header with plastic? It's not covered on the 1199. The engine is beautiful and should be exposed.
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I believe later 1199s are covered as well. All part of the upgraded heat shielding I think.
Yes this was to address the heat issue concerning the rideability of the bike.otherwise your thighs are gonna feel much of the heat coming out
That makes sense. Too bad; the full engine looks good...
Most ppl I know have taken them off as they think they actually retain heat??

I'm going to take mine off but pretty sure you need to take the tank off.......boo to that.

It's just to shield the excessive heat from getting to your thighs. Unless you're doing track days..it would be better to have proper shielding at least. Then again, the heat is inevitable isn't it ? lol!
Removed these shieds first thing. Look cheap in my opinion. Kind of a pain to remove as you have to rotate the tank up to get the the screws that hold the subframe plastics in place which then attach to the plastic engine shields. Was worth the effort as I think it looks significantly better.
I never noticed the difference until now. Looks much better without the plastic. The 2014 1199 Panigale does have the plastic piece.
Will do, however I'm used to riding an old Buell that had an unprotected header that ran right by my right leg and under the seat. So I'm not sure I'd be the best source of feedback.

I've also been considering removing the heat shield under the seat and using exhaust heat tape instead. I'm not a fan of the look of the shield at all. Most of what I have read on the 1199 forums is that it is too hot in traffic conditions. My idiot brain says I'm probably used to it, so I'll disregard eventually and give it a try I'm sure.
I'm guessing that's not going to be good for the sperm count. Anyone have pictures of what it looks like without?
Yes pics please :)
Pic without the engine covers or a pic of the exhaust wrap? Here's a pic of the wrapped header under the seat. Guess it also shows what it looks like without the engine covers as well... Considering ceramic coating first and then wrapping. Some people don't like the look of the wrap, but I personally like it.
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