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Considering a 899 or 1199

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Will be test riding both bikes tomorrow. Looking forward to it...the 899 and 1199 are beautiful bikes. I am hoping for the best.
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Which one you go for will depend on what you want from a bike, I considered both after a history of recent Jap litre bikes, one of the considerations I had was how often could I use the awesome power of the bigger engine to its max, the answer was not very often, the annual trip to the Isle of Man (when the mountain road isn't closed due to another accident when riders can't handle the power of their bikes), and the occasional track day when I'd take my road bike rather than my track bike. The 899 fills the gap perfectly for me, most of my riding on it will be on the road, but will no doubt take it on the track occasionally too. I think even on the track it will have all the power I will need to have a grin from ear to ear. I feel it's just more day to day useable power. But try them both and let us know how you get on and what decision you come to. Which ever one you get, you'll love it.
^ I agree with Rob. Actually so does the dealer I bought from, he said he suspected about 80% of 1199 owners would be happier on the 899. But I have a friend who owns an 1199, and I know he wouldn't trade it for anything, so to each there own! Good luck, and I don't think you can really go wrong either way.
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