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Condensation in headlight

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Hello all
Got my bike last week
100 mile trip back from the dealer . It was wet as u will expect the weather in UK right now . When I got home there was condensation appearing in the headlight . By morning it went away .. Seems really strange as I think if this happens every time when it's wet the headlight will soon loose its transparent look and look horrible
Called the dealer and he had no credible ans and skald will come back to me after talking to the factory

Any ideas anyone ?


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This was a common problem on my 848, even happened after washing. I had hoped with the 899 that Ducati had sorted it, won't put me off mind!
Last season I installed halo's on my buddy's zx6r. Had to bake the headlight enclosure to open it up. Anyway, after it was all back together we were riding and I noticed condensation on both sides.

To fix or remove the condensation all I did was remove the bulbs so air could pass and broke out a hair dryer and once dry, put the bulbs back in and seal it all back up.

Condensation hasn't returned.

Hope that helps. If it keeps coming back, I'd hit the dealer up for replacement grommets or seals around the bulbs v

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This shouldn't happen so just take it to your dealer and let them sort it.
I had a similar problem on my Ape with the cluster display fogging up and it got replaced.

When you're paying top dollar for a piece of machinery like these bikes, don't stand for anything stuffing up. It may just be a sealing problem with your bike as others haven't mentioned it.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Been caught out twice so far in heavy rain and can't say I've noticed any condensation in the headlight, but not really looked, will be checking next time.

I'd do as advised and go back to the dealers, it shouldn't happen on a brand new bike. After reading other threads it seems the engineers at the factory occasionally forget to fit seals (check the thread re leaking fuel), so they may have "forgot" to fit seals in the headlight assembly:eek:
The manual does say that this is normal after rain and/or washing. Page 234.
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