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Two passenger riding? how is it for you and your gf? my gf thinks its kind of small in the rear and might be uncomfortable. She trying to convince me to get the 2014 gsxr 750 50th anniversary edition.
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The rear seat does look kind of small, but fortunately I don't have a problem, my wife hates and won't get on the back, so for me it's a seat pod and no rear pegs.

It's worth testing both bikes two up, but the question has to be how often you ride with a pillion, if not often then go for what you like best, if often, then may be best for the more practical option.

I actually made a huge mistake in 08, when the wife muted she may now like to come out on the back but not on my then K6 GSXR1000, so I traded it in and bought a new Bandit 1250 GT with full fairings and panniers so we could tour together, one short run and she said never again!!! So after 2 months the Bandit was traded against a new 08 R1, which I never really liked the feel of as much as the GSXR, so really wish I'd tested the Bandit with her on the back, as probably would of kept the Gixer a bit longer! Lesson learnt.......
whats with girls and gsxrs? I see lots of girl riders with the them. Does your wife want you to get one for her or for yourself so she can ride on the back?
She just likes to ride on the back. i asked if she wanted her own and she said no.
So what are your percentage for choice between the 899 and gsxr 750, 50/50 or..?
So what are your percentage for choice between the 899 and gsxr 750, 50/50 or..?
I was planning to get the Gixer, but as soon as I hear about the 899 it had to be the Duc all the way.

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