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caring and protecting for the red paint

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so apparently the red paint has no clearcoat.. its jsut a base coat likely mixed in with clear

not sure how much UV protection that really offers for fading if you leave it outside often

I was looking at options for protecting the red paint and of course found opticoat 2.0

you buy this stuff in a syringe and you can apply it yourself. acts like a clearcoat

what do you think?
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I have never heard of this product. According to Step 1 it is for using on a clear coat that is damaged and contaminated. That does not seem to be applicable to a new Ducati. I will take a pass but please let me know if anyone has success with this or a different product.
This product seams to be the best out there. It is a permanent ceramic sealant that binds to the paint. It will not wear off with time. Because it is permanent, what's is left under it will stay there. Therefore the surface prep is really important! Once on, keeping it clean, shining and scratch free will be easy.

It can be applied to:
  • Paint (both single stage and clear coat)
  • Headlights
  • Wheels
  • Bumpers
  • Aluminum & Chrome Surfaces
  • Trim

  • More resistant to surface scratches such as swirl marks and wash marring
  • Much greater resistance to acid damage from polluted rain, bird bombs, and insect residues
  • Improved resistance to light abrasions such as fine rock chips and road blast
  • Release and shed dirt, grime, and road pitch much easier, making washing easier
  • Resists contamination reducing the need for claying
  • High levels of UV protection to reduce sun fade

But don't take my word for it, there is a lot of information out there. Exempel here. Just do a few searches on Google and on Youtube.

I'm deciding between 2.0" do it yourself" or the Pro version done by a professional. Treating a new vehicle will be easier/cheaper since the paint is new and undamaged.
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Be sticking with a good polish with Autoglym super resin polish and a going over with the exra protection coat.
Also try to keep the red out of the sun, sun will fade the crap out of red like crazy
Havent got my 899 yet, but intend testing then using this..

Chemical Guys - Jetseal 109 - Clean Your Car

Its similar in nature to what DonSanto mentioned, as its not a polish, it bonds to the paint. I've used it on car paintwork and wheels successfully, so should be OK for the DUC.

Be sticking with a good polish with Autoglym super resin polish and a going over with the exra protection coat.
Just done mine today ready for tomorrow, might even put the HD wax on in the morning :)
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AQuartz is another paint sealer. Also, Acrylic werks.
I'm planning on using Opticoat 2.0 (that DonSanto referred to above) while my paint is still nice and new. I've seen some youtube videos of pros applying it. Seems pretty straight forward. I'm going to do underneath the tail first as a practice area in case it's not as easy as it seems! I'll be doing it in a little over two weeks's time when I go to the UK and get the opportunity to get some of it.
The great thing about Opti-Coat is that when fully cured it is HARDER and more swirl and scratch resistant vs regular paint

It is also hydrophobic so it'll help keep the surfaces cleaner. It is more resistant to etching - so all those bugs that hit the surface and dry wont damage the paint as badly. This would actually be a great option for the front of the 899. The bugs are easier to wash off and wont etch into the plastic and paint.

If anyone wants Opti-Coat applied to their 899 in Toronto/GTA give me a shout.
I used 'Vulcanet' for my GSXR600 previously and found it to be excellent. Its DOES NOT scratch.. not sure how though, and water will bead on the bike afterwards. I have never heard of anything working better on chain lube on the rear wheel. Great for the visor too.
not cheap though.....
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