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Another wet Sunday! What you all doing?

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It's 10:15 on a Sunday morning, my 899 is sat under it's cover in the garage, I'm lay in bed wanting to get out and put some miles on the clock, but I can hear the rain lashing against the bedroom windows and the wind howling past!!! Roll on the better weather.

Had seen yesterday that today may be wet, so a couple of us had planned a trip out this morning with our MTB's to Rivington to do a 17 mile route with a long climb and some tough technical down hill's. The weather's so bad we've even had to cancel that.... so Looks like the Mountain bikes may be coming out this afternoon instead, and a 10 mile muddy trip along some local trails/woods instead.
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Tell me about it! I bought mine in November and only managed 170 miles so far. It's been either too wet or the council have covered the roads in salt. Torture!

Plus it's snowing outside and was meant to go snowboarding, but the roads to glenshee and cairngorm are both closed. Guess it would be a good day to fit my radiator guards.

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I managed to get out on Friday to a job in Essex at Earls Cone Aerodrome and got a couple of nice pics of the bike by the entrance. I deal with the company that dos the one board cameras for moto GP and F1 so got a nice little trip around their factory. That put another 110 miles on the clock so i'm up to about 300 now but I've managed about 3 trips since I got it before Christmas... its bugging the **** out of me!!!:(:(:(

Its actually quite comfy on a jaunt like that around the m25 and pretty sure footed around the damp lanes too. I'm well impressed with my toy so far.
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hey guys, love to ride my Santa Cruz mtb in the local woods, longest trail we have is about 18 miles but they are too soft and muddy to ride, but you guys shouldn't feel too bad, when I get my 899 probably won't be able to get it out on the road untill late April bue to sand and salt road conditions
Having had he toy since october and got over 400 miles on it.. it has sat in the garage for the last few months being pampered instead since I cant get it out.. same reasons as rosscraw.. salt or downpours.. blurgh!
So this week we are off up in aviemore to play in the snow.. but alas the snowgates are shut and we are not allowed up the mountain either!!! what is that all about!!!
it is dry here but crisp.. the dogs are loving it.. and have had their legs walked off them - hoping by next week that spring will have sprung and two wheels can play again!!…
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Was out riding all day Sunday. 57 degrees and sunny in Georgia. Up to 860 miles on the Duc now and loving it!
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Sunday n it's actually dry here in kent. Give it til the afternoon for the roads to dry n hopefully time to get the toy out :)

For anyone from kent... I've just got back in touch with the kent ducati owners club on Facebook. Run by a guy called nick Hughes who is a blinding guy n not up his backside like some can be. They meet 4th Sunday in the month at mickeys cafe on the northbound a229 bluebell hill. I'm going to try and pop down there this month if I'm not working.:)
It's 7am on a Sunday morning! As much as I want to go out riding, gotta give this Sunday to spend with the wifey and kids since I spent all day riding yesterday. All the authorized ducati dealers were having the 899 panigale release party and test ride so a group of us went out on a ride before stopping at a dealer to check it out. Love how everyone turns and looks as I roll up on my own 899 whole they're waiting around to test ride one!
Bit of a late post, actually got out on mine Saturday and a Sunday last weekend, not for as long as I'd of liked, but still got out and now up to just over 300 miles.
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