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So I was thinking of my next helmet and how it would be awesome to have a custom paint job, so a little research and I turned up this company located in Sydney, Australia.

They have a pretty impressive client list…..

- Buspak Advertising (Superbuses)
- 2000 Sydney Olympics sponsorship buses.
- Coca-Cola cars and buses and signage
- Australia's theme Park " Wonderland"
- Thredbo Resort
- Custom Microsoft X Box Celebrity 360 covers - See:"Airbrushing the famous" since 2005
- Virgin Blue Airlines Airbrushing the Virgin Maiden on the total Fleet of aircrafts (over 80 planes), including Pacific Blue aircrafts that travel to Fiji and New Zealand.and the new Embrayer - Virgin's new fleet.

Thought I would share it with all those Aussie riders who may also be looking for something unique with their ride too.


Unit 1 & 2/ 15 Production Place, Penrith (Jamistown) N.S.W. 2750
Telephone: 1300 733 165

Telephone: Australia 0247 222 332 International: +61 247 222 332
Facsimile: Australia 0247 222 309 International: +61 247 222 309

[email protected]


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There is a company here in Hong Kong called Kone helmets who have done some awesome work.....but i just heard that a mate went to hem for a quote and they wanted HK$8000.(thats £620 or US$1000).....considering my AGV Pista GP cost this alone.....its's an awful lot to spend on a helmet paint job.

You can get a car done for £3000!


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