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Air filter K&N vs Original

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Anyone know if putting in K&N air filter when installing Termignoni and remap will make a difference more than keeping the original one in? I'm not exactly a high performance rider and got termis more for sound than performance.
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The stock Ducati air filters are actually quite good, the only real benefit to a K&N or any other "performance" filter is that they are reusable (washable). I will be changing mine over to a performance one at about 12,000kms when the original air filter needs to be replaced.

That way i can reuse the performance one for about 5-6 more services before needing a new filter again which in time will save more money.
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i usually stick with stock

the stock filters are the dry air type right?
You're asking the wrong person!....Pass!
So an aftermarket air filter such as K&N wouldn't give you any tangible power gains?

If this is the case, then I also suspect you wouldn't risk running too lean of an AFM under the stock fuel maps with stock exhaust?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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