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899 vs monster 1200s

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I have really been looking at picking up an 899 but now I see the new 1200s. Has anybody ridden one yet or seen one. The power and the spec look great and it wouldn't have the heat problem. I live in southern utah where it gets really hot in the summer.
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As a matter of fact I JUST got home from being at the Monster 1200 training in Las Vegas where we got to do a 2-hour ride on it! The national launch of the Monster 1200 is coming up next Saturday April 5th, when it will debut in dealerships all over North America. I think in general most people would not be debating between a Monster and an 899, they are vastly different bikes with a completely different focus. One is a full-on sport bike and the other is a naked street bike. Monster is WAY more comfortable, versatile, easier to ride, lower seat height, etc. 899 is higher performance, sporty riding position with tall seat height, razor-sharp handling, etc. Despite specs saying the HP is nearly the same, the 899 revs up a lot quicker and has a more aggressive power delivery, and it's a lot lighter, it's a noticeably faster bike. There's a big difference between the race-tuned Superquadro engine in the 899 and the street-tuned Testastretta 11 Degree engine in the Monster.

One side note though, since you mentioned it, the Monster 1200 puts off a lot of heat from the engine, just like the 899 and pretty much every current liquid-cooled Ducati. When we were sitting at stop lights on our ride, I noticed the heat quite a bit, once you're moving it's irrelevant. So I would say heat would be no concern at all in picking one bike over the other, they both put off heat.
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Is the 1200 a timing belt driven engine?
Is the 1200 a timing belt driven engine?
Yes, the only Ducatis that don't have timing belts are the Panigale's (899 and 1199) with the Superquadro engine.
I actually don't think it's that wierd of a debate. Out of Ducati's current line up they represent the most sporty of the street oriented bikes.

Different beasts for sure though.


High reving, not a lot of down low torque
Clip Ons
Comfortable but Race Position.
Not a lot of Bling


Heavy (even compared to old monsters)
Loads of torque down low
Handle Bars
More upright comfortable position
Tons of Bling (Ohlins, TFT Display, LED Lights, ect...)

I was pretty excited for the new monster, but then I watched this video. It just doesn't look fun to ride, but it could just be the guy riding it is a total tool...

A Total Tool Riding the Monster 1200s
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I sat on the 1200 at the Toronto motorcycle show and really didn't like the sitting position compared to my Streetfighter. I'd go for the 899 personally.

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Definitely ride one if you're considering it, don't rely on internet reviews. I found it VERY comfortable, and I'm very picky about my comfort on street bikes. I normally prefer the Multistrada not he street. I could ride all day on that Monster 1200, which I couldn't say about any past Monster. It also feels just as light as past Monsters even though on the scale it's heavier. The weight is very low and mass-centralized, which is something that Ducati has been paying a lot of attention to in recent designs. The engine is MUCH stronger than anything that's ever been in a Monster before. Compared to the Streetfighter, it's a more comfortable riding position for most people, the Streetfighter has the same seat height as the 848 Evo with a more forward lean and is just overall a more aggressive bike. I think the Streetfighter is better for track days than the Monsters, in pretty much every other aspect the Monster would be better IMO.
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