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899 Panigale CKD for Asia

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There is confirmed news that Ducati is going to produce its 899 in their factory in Thailand to cater for the Asian market. Due in mid 2014. With a CKD version they will push the price at an even lower standpoint. Interesting..then again, I've placed my booking for the CBU version. :D
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What's is this CKD version and CBU version?

What's the difference ?
The easiest way to put it. CBU bike is just means that the bike is fully import in physical unit. No matter which country it import from.

CKD and CBU are a same bike, all parts are the same
except some restriction like speed and exhaust emission depends on each country law.

CKD – Completely Knocked Down
Completely knocked down car / bike /automobile is one which is imported or exported in parts and not as one assembled unit. Such units are first sent to an assembly plant in the target country where all these parts are assembled and one complete car / bike / vehicle is made using the imported components. These kinds of units generate employment in the target country as more machinery and manpower investment is needed to assemble the components to make the vehicle.

CBU – Completely Built Unit
Completely built unit is the terminology when a car/bike/automobile is imported/exported to/from some other country as a complete car fully assembled. These automobiles do not require an assembly before they can be sold out to the buyers in the target country’s markets. Most of the imported cars and bikes in India come as a CBU.
interesting... only the asia market 899s will be made in thailand though right?
Right on, 899Rider. Ducati has a factory in Thailand. Means that the 899 will be assembled in Thailand so with the lower taxes and duties on CKD assembly they are able to push down the price as well. So far CKD models available are: Multistrada, Diavel, Monster (795), and soon-to-be 899 Panigale. The announcement was made by Ducati Malaysia during the Malaysian MotoGP.
Anyways, I pm-ed Ducati Thailand and they have confirmed the CKD.

This was their reply:
"Dear HeNry, Thank you for your interested in our bike. We would like to tell you that 899 Panigale going to asseembly in Thailand since middle of 2014 onward sir."

With the trend on the CKD pricing, it should cut about 20% off the CBU price!
draggin: When the CKD starts then only then it will be covering the asia market. For now bookings are available for CBU units only.
lol i'm glad to say I"m asian and I've booked the CKd model even it's not yet launch yet hope i can hold my eager for this PANIGALE
if i cant lets just get the CBU ba ;p
Tienheng923:which region are u from? If ducati in your region is giving an introductory discount my guess is it wont be much of a difference in price. Plus, the cbu is just a matter of a month or two away. Ckd I would expect it to be available towards end of q3 or early q4. But that depends on how fast they handle the distribution around asia.
899 CBU offer Thailand?

Jumpman: Do you know if it is possiable to prebook the 899 CKD now? Do you alos have any info on 899 CBU price promtions in Thailand (Bkk or Pattaya)

I don't have any info on bookings for now as they did not get back to me but if you are familiar with your local dealer you could arrange pre-booking with them. My local dealer did mention about making bookings if anyone is interested so perhaps you could give it a shot.

As for price promo for Thailand, I did get in contact with Ducati Thailand but they did not get back to me. Perhaps you can drop them an email. Where I'm at (Malaysia), they are offering a special introductory price for the first 20 bookings.
Thx: I am based in Thailand so will see if I can get some reply from local dealer. Hopefully 899 CKD can be reduce by 20%, that will awsome. then for sure will prebook one, Keep fingers corssed
IMO following the trend..CKD should cut about 20% off the price. And I'm sure you can work something out with your local dealer on the bookings. Cheers!
He told me by June will officially launch lo
But I might change to cbu unit cause it s poison to keep view 899 picture lol
I bought from Ducati Penang

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tienheng923: Glad to know another upcoming owner from the same country! But im on the other side lol. I think it will be launched later than June as I was told Q3 or Q4 rollout. IMO the CBU pricing offer now is not too much of a difference than the CKD unit. The only possibility that I can think of is that Ducati will include accessory promo with the bike. Some dealers in the UK as you can find out from some threads in the forum offers termig, etc. Anyways, the CBU units are scheduled to arrive in late Feb / early March! Gosh, the agony of waiting.....in the meantime perhaps can shop for accessories for the bike haha. Do pm me your number!
Lol from the other side ??which region? Meet up once we got our delivery lol
Ya they kindly expectation price be within 93k -89k that time will be a lot mine will be deliver before Chinese New year lol keep u update soon
Cheers for 899 owner awesome look and great review
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And first 20 unit will be price 108k
Next 20 will back to original price 120nsp
That's why I kindly decide to take it sooner the better

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You are in the west island and I am on the east island haha. I was informed cbu units will only arrive after cny..boohoo. and ckd price will not drop below 100k. My guess is the price point is going to fall between 105-110k otr..not much different frm the cbu offer now..but who knows they might offer accessories to go with it..we shall see.
Mmm wonder how much price will drop on CKD unit in Thailand, if not much difference , no need to wait, I just go and get my red 899 :)
Jesper: Is Thailand offering anything special for the CBU units like what we have in Malaysia ?
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