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Don't do business with brainfry

Sweet. Enjoy it!

I PM'd you the other day. You did not respond. So I am going to warn the community about you and your evil ways.


Be warned when dealing with this member and any oourchase he might offer. I purchased a "NEW" tank bag for the 899 from this individual. He stated in this thread that it is new and undamaged. I purchased for $225.00. Not a great deal but a bit less than retail. I love once I figured out hot it properly mounted to the motorcycle. I did not notice the modifications the member made to the tank bag nor did he disclose the mods in his representation of the item he sold. So, what mods did he make to the tank bag you might ask. Well he damaged to webbing by drilling holes out side of the gromits damaging the mounting points of the takn bag. All three have intentionally been damaged in his attempts to "make it tighter".

View attachment 16802

View attachment 16794

View attachment 16810

I have asked him for a refund and he has chosen to ignore my request. So, I am posting this here and where evere he posts so the community knows not to purchase from him and to encourage him to return my funds for selling damaged parts.

Come on Brainfry, don't be a dick! give me back my money.
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