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Having been a rider who always dreams of the next epic ride and having owned over 15 motorcycles in my life, I have always looked for the right bike for me no matter what brand it was. Ducati has always had me in the 'extra $$ not justified' category for me in one way or another. Now, after reading all I can about the 899, I was instantly connected in a different way. And with its price point right in the sweet spot for just about any decent bike these days ... it is time. I need to test ride one first, but I can already feel it calling me.
Be advise : you'll buy one if you test ride it . It hit me so hard that I sold my GSX in two days after I test rode the 899 and I have my vintage Honda for sale too just because I can't think of nothing else since I sat on one
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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