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899/1199 Integrated Alternating Sequential LED tail light

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Does anybody have the Motodynamic Integrated Tail installed? If so, how does it compare to the Comp Werkes? I love the concept but can't live with the dimness and safety hazard of the CW.
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Now if they would hurry up and change the status from "In production" to "Available, give us your $$$".
I am so excited! Seriously, lol.
I am so excited! Seriously, lol.
woah, didn't know you were still around! where ya been?

yeah, that looks pretty good
thanks for keeping us updated
holy crap, all my requests are in the light! They probably thought of the same things i did, so i'm not taking credit, just happy that all my wishes came true with this integrated tail. I'll be one of the first to plop down an order
Nice! WAY more visible than the Comp Werkes kit, IMO.
Anyone have an update on when this thing will be available?
looks great. sub $150 is a great price. I'd pick up it up no problem cause I don't like the fender eliminator kits that add new lights for the turn signals
Has anyone tried to replace the LED turn signal lights that come in the CW tail tidy with something brighter? Mine are barely visible in the vents back there… I'd rather try a new bulb, then pay for a whole new tail light system…


I'm definitely down for one... but as I asked in my other thread, what do you do about the license plate? Does it also come with a mount for the license plate?
it's very easy to fabricate a bracket for the LP since the footpeg holes are right there
I'm definitely down for one... but as I asked in my other thread, what do you do about the license plate? Does it also come with a mount for the license plate?
I answered you that you need to purchase the tidy / plate holder and the integrated tail light separately.

the tail tidy comes with the plate mount and two indicators that are taped into the tail vents.

the integrated tail light is just that - a brake light with indicators.

If you install them both, you have the plate mount and you substitute the taped indicators for the ones that are inside the integrated unit.

Make sense?
Is there any type of status update available? It wont be long until the roads are nice enough to ride and I don't have any turn signals! I don't want to buy the CW but I might have to.
Hey guys, I have liaised with Motodynamic on their release of the integrated lights. They will offer me a discount code in which I will share with you all. Targeted release date is mid April. In the meantime, do list down your interest (just a collective procedure)

1. jumpman
Me too if.....

That's good news.
3) Socaboy If price is sub $160.00, I have to pay 20% more because of exchange rate!!!!!!! :(
and shipping :(
i'm definitely interested
4) Zach

Been waiting for a long time. Can't wait!

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I don't think you really need a poll to know that there are a lot of people (899 & 1199 owners) interested in the Motodynamic light. I'm sure that they've been getting emails for a while now and seems like they don't need a forum to generate a list of interested 899 owners.
It's just for the interest of this forum. As Motodynamic will be giving me a code which will entitle us for a special discount in which I will share in this forum. Those who are in their email list will not get the code.

I was told that the price is not final and may be subjected to adjustments (maybe slightly less than stipulated price) when the final product is ready.

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