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899/1199 Integrated Alternating Sequential LED tail light

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Now if they would hurry up and change the status from "In production" to "Available, give us your $$$".
I don't think you really need a poll to know that there are a lot of people (899 & 1199 owners) interested in the Motodynamic light. I'm sure that they've been getting emails for a while now and seems like they don't need a forum to generate a list of interested 899 owners.
I checked the website last night, and just a week ago there was a link to be notified to put your name on an email list for when it is released.... that link is GONE now.

Maybe they're gearing up to either release the product to those on the list as they're overwhelmed and the entire order is spoken for or POOF... up in thin air.
Email notification is still there. Patience, it takes a while (and many steps) for production of new hardware and to build up stock.
As with most hardware being produced in large quantities, it takes time for tooling, setting up QC standards with the company hired to mass produce the items, and QC testing prior to releasing them into the wild. Nothing worse for a company than to release something sub-par and tarnishing both their image and their product.
LOL! I mean, that sucks, but all that build up for the past 2 years then this...I ended up buying the NRC after having problems with the Competition Werks integrated light (the pins are smaller than the OEM light's pins and do not always contact). Not pretty, but a lot brighter and dependable.
Are the CW lights bright enough in the sun? I like the look but I want bright tail lights. I like the lights live2ride posted but without seeing them in person it' shard to tell if they are brighter than the CW lights
To be honest—they're not very bright. I got the clear and in daylight its pretty hard to see.
Thanks Mustang. I have heard/read that but with the NRC as the only other option I was hoping these would be as bright.
After installing it, I don't mind the NRC not being so "pretty". Really like how bright it is.
About to buy the NRC kit....do I need to buy the load equalizer too?

Thanks :)
No need—its straight plug and play.
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Thanks guys just ordered this for my 1299s and the new 959 :) we are definitely going to put down an order tomorrow for the 959 the wife really loves it.
So she's test driven a 959 already? :confused:
Same thing we've been hearing for over a year...I think I'm going to pull the trigger on the CW.

Just from my experience, but that thing (the CW integrated light) is a piece of sh!t. Not only is the light barely visible in most daylight conditions, but the connectors are pins instead of tabs which will lose contact—which happened to me repeatedly and resulted in my battery getting drained).
Yes - I too haven't great things about the brightness. Was yours clear or smoked?

Not thrilled about the pin connectors either. My ShiftTech integrated tail light on my SP has these, however, and I haven't had any issues yet. Aftermarket light manufacturers seem to have a phobia of using the factory connection design :mad:
It was clear—which was really disappointing since I had a smoked light on a different bike (forget which brand) and it was brighter than the CW. :confused:

I guess I could have jury-rigged the connectors, but after the battery problem I just didn't want to deal with it. I have the NRC now, but as a result, I have to have the plate tucked under the tail which has gotten me in trouble by LEO yet again.
I've got the CW lights... They're bright enough for me?

Try capturing that outside in daylight and see what it looks like. 😉
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